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(p)Timeless gifts are unforgettable

Gift giving is truly an art form.  It requires an amount of insight and thoughtfulness, because each gift should be specifically tailored to its recipient.  The best gift I ever received was a beat up old piano.  I’ve always been a piano player, but I’ve never had a piano.  So for my twenty seventh birthday, all of my friends got together, chipped in, and had a used piano delivered to my living room.  That was eight years ago, and no two consecutive days go by without my banging out at least something.  I’ll be amazed if I ever receive something that means that much again.  Here are some ideas for great, timeless gifts.  Remember though, I’m just attempting to give you starting points upon which to brainstorm and individualize your gifts for that special someone in your life. 

A Rolex
Talk about timeless.  A Rolex is a timepiece, yes, but it is so much more than just merely that.  Rolex has a tradition that spans well over a hundred years of perfectionism and inspired innovation.  These are not watches, they are individualized pieces of art.  It might seem trite to get someone a Rolex, but there are hundreds of different styles and they can be engraved with anything you’d like, that really, a Rolex is just a classy canvas upon which to personalize your gift.  This gift will truly be unforgettable.  If you’re interested in checking out some different models and styles, go to rolex watch repair los angeles or rolex repair los angeles and see if any of them seem like the perfect one for the special person in your life. 

A photo album
In this completely digital age, it is increasingly less common to see an actual photo album.  We all have thousands of pictures stored on our phones or in our computers, but few of us take the time to print them out.  Now there are many companies online that will allow you to choose photos from your library, and arrange them in a hard bound album complete with captions that you write and a layout that you compose.  You can even have other people write messages in the photo album to make it more personalized. 
 I went to a big concert last night, and I was amazed at just how many people had their phones out to capture stills or video.  It made me just a little nostalgic for the “olden days” before such electronics existed.  I know that very few of those pictures will ever by looked at, and of those that are, most people will only see them on social media.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a less personalized thing.  It also separates from the event we’re trying to watch.  So retrieve some of those photos on your phone and computer and print them out.  Photos are meant to be reminders, not gigabytes. 

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