sâmbătă, 18 august 2012

Fall, fall, oh, i fall for you...

I fall for summer. Cause i hate fall. It's rainy and cold. Despite those gorgeous colours.

The first yellow necklace is now availible on etsy. Just click on it in order to enter the website.

The bride deserve it all

By all I mean a sweet pair of dragonfly earrings or a nice hair comb with gentle rustic accents.

Green is my new black

I love it!But when it comes to green and red it just has to be the right kind of it. If it doesn't, I can easily hate'em.

Almost a bride

Who is she?

the bridesmaid. :))))

Special order for a long lavender dress.

Lavender fabric statement earrings

I'm so proud of this first pair :''>. And I don't get that a lot!

Lots and lots of earrings

wich i've made last month. and i have plenty more to show you.just wait and see!