joi, 8 noiembrie 2012

About butterflies, painted butterflies necklace and brooch

About forests! Statement nature inspired leafs fabric earrings

Made to order.

For a lovely lady who want to spend her Christmas in Vienne.

So, i've used velvet which I adore, in burgundy color, which I adore even more. A little piece from a creamy fabric with some musical notes and a tiny golden star print -symbolising Vienna State Opera, and a victorian pattern ribbon. After assembling all together, I've sewed some Forget-me-not blue flowers for an unforgettable Christmas.

Where would you love to spend your Christmas?
Statement earrings are in my line. Definitely. I can't imagine myself doing small, simple, one color ones. I like to think that I am telling a beautiful and different story through each pair i make. One about love, one about forests, one about hate, one about sea, one about lilac flowers, many others about many subjects.

Which is your favourite story?